Animal Identification

  • Butterflies and Moths of North America
  • Amphibians and Reptils of Louisiana
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology:  The biggest collection of bird information on the web.
    • – A worldwide birding tool.  You can create an account and submit observations of birds, keep up with your life list and get notifications when rare birds or birds you haven’t seen yet pop up in your neighborhood.  You can also search by map for all recorded sightings of species and birding hot-spots.  An invaluable reference for any birder.
    • The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: All About Birds – When field guides fail me, this is my #1 stop to identify birds.  Each species is described in depth and you are given similar species (even different genders or ages) that it can be confused with.
    • Bird Song Hero – Just try it.
    • Forecasts: BirdCast – A blog that runs during spring and fall migration that uses weather forecasting technology to track bird migration.  Useful weekly links that let you know which species will be on the move and what to expect in different regions of the country.

Gulf Coast Birding/Wildlife – More geographic specific blogs with loads of information on where to go and what to see.

  • Baton Rouge Audubon Society – Great information about birding Louisiana and the Baton Rouge area in particular
  • Birding Made Easy New Orleans – A birding blog about birding New Orleans with frequent updates on the author’s birding excursions in and around the city.  I owe thanks to this blog for spotting the Iceland gull in Mandeville!
  • Orleans Audubon Society – Info on birding southeast LA and more
  • Central Louisiana Birding and Wildlife – Great info on Central Louisiana Birding and Wildlife (see title :p) with emphasis on trips and species lists.
  • The Nature Dude – Naturalist blog out of Lafayette, LA.  I think he’s quit this blog and moved over to Facebook exclusively.


  • Blackened Out – A blog devoted to eating in New Orleans
  • NOLA Cuisine – A blog about cooking traditional New Orleans food.

GIS Resources

  • Google Earth – The most powerful piece of free GIS software available.  Download it and be amazed at the amount of cars in your backyard.
  • LSU Atlas – Louisiana State University’s geospatial database.  Includes a few years worth of aerial photographs, LIDAR elevation data and more.
  • USDA Geospatial Data Gateway – United States Department of Agriculture’s Geospatial Data.  Includes tons of great aerial photographs, census data, roads and loads of other great GIS data.


More Gulf Coast Blogs!

  • Adventures of A Yankee In Cajun Country – Local travel/adventure blog from a writer from the northeast who moved to Louisiana
  • I Love Shelling – Both a shelling enthusiast and reference blog based out of Sanibel, FL.  I use this site for ID’ing shells.  This blog actually made me want to visit Sanibel Island and I took a shelling cruise with the author!
  • Louisiana Wetlands Wanderer – A blog with a focus on kayaking Louisiana (complete with paddle maps) with some excellent musings on nature.




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