Northern Mockingbird


Being a permanent resident in the Gulf South and the state bird of my home state of Mississippi, the Northern Mockingbird is one of the first birds I ever learned.  The mockingbird is a very common sight in suburbs and can often be found dive bombing neighborhood cats and sometimes even people.  They’re not timid birds in neighborhood settings.
A sure fire way to tell if you’re hearing a mockingbird sing is if you think you hear five different birds singing loudly from the same spot.
The most common place I find mockingbirds in the New Orleans area is any park with open grassy areas with some trees for perching like City, Audubon and Lafreniere Parks.

northern mockingbird - 2013.09.07 - New Orleans, Louisiana.07 - Bossier City, Louisiana northern mockingbird northern mockingbird (4)northern mockingbird (juvenile) - 2014.07.04 - City Park New Orleans, Louisiana