Photo of the Day – Painted Bunting

painted bunting_2

Painted Bunting
Coturie Arboretum – New Orleans, LA City Park — 4/27/2014

Ever since I first cracked open a birding guide, I knew one day I would need to see this bird.  For the last month, I’d heard they’d been spotted in the Greater New Orleans area.  Last week I met a birder who had just seen one before I walked up.  This morning, I spotted the not-so-brilliantly colored female of the species.  This afternoon, not only did I get to finally see this crazy rainbow colored bird, but it sat and posed for me about 15′ away.
The adrenaline rush had me so happy, I wanted to share this moment of triumph with someone else.
“HEY BUDDY” I called to a guy jogging the trail nearby.  “Come check this out”.
He gave me that look that you give strangers when they shout at you in the woods but came over nonetheless.  I pointed it out.  He seemed fairly impressed and said “That’s really neat! I guess I should start looking around while I’m running out here” then continued on his run.
Not quite what I was hoping for, but I’ll take it.