Picayune, MS Area Hydrology

For all my friends and family living in Mississippi during Hurricane Isaac I hope you’re all doing well and get any help you need despite the fact that the nation at large tends to forget Mississippi and focus on New Orleans during these kind of events.

Just right click on the map if you’d like to save the full size photo and take a closer look.

I made a map showing ground elevations, streams and local roads (closures in red).

This map should be useful to determine which areas are more prone to flooding.  Isaac dumped a LOT of rain on this area and with the Gulf being higher from the storm surge all that rainwater had nowhere else to go except to pile up in the lowest areas it could.  A quick side-note, a great community movement to clean up the Hobolochitto Creek has been in progress lately and although I can’t find the link right now, they have a Facebook group where you can volunteer for days to canoe down the creek and clean up trash and cut away fallen trees that can form dams that hinder drainage.

Lower elevations are marked on the map as darker colors while higher elevations are marked as lighter.  Picayune appears to be built on a higher ridge along the Hobolochitto Creek basin.  It’s likely historically dryer than the surrounding land.  People in olden times had a lot more space than we do today, so when they had a choice, they preferred to found their towns up on the high land.

If you have any pictures of the flooding you’d like to share, let me know and I’ll even throw some dots on a map for you so people can put a pic to a place.

PS:  I was interested to find out that Carriere has all the high ground and Picayune is mostly low!  I guess that’s why our mascot is the Maroon Tide!