Shelling Cameron Parish, LA Beaches

Beaches are not the first thing most people think of when they think of the Louisiana  coastline.  In fact, besides fishermen and off-shore workers I’d wager most people have never even seen the Louisiana coast.  The Louisiana coast is divided into two distinct regions, the delta plain and the cheniere plain.  The delta plain extends from the Louisiana Mississippi border to Vermillion Bay, south of Lafayette.  The delta plain is mostly made up of saline marsh at the coast, but west of Vermillion Bay is the Cheniere Plain.  Cameron Parish is the most southern and western parish in Louisiana and home to most of the beaches that are accessible by road.
The towns of Creole, Cameron, Holly Beach and Johnson Bayou all allow access to beaches I’ve visited.  Although the water is usually muddy and there are signs that discourage swimming, the beaches are very nice and offer good opportunities for shelling and fishing.  I’ve included a few pictures of my visits as well as some of the shells I was able to collect.